Why Choose Timber Windows & Doors

Why Choose Timber Windows & Doors There is something truly prestigious about timber windows and doors. Where UPVC is cost-effective and durable, sometimes homeowners are simply looking for a little more luxury. Thatís where timber windows and doors are perfect. Timber windows and doors have a far more traditional look than aluminium and UPVC. Timber […]

Thinking of replacing wooden windows with aluminium? Hereís why you should think again!

Despite our obvious love for wood and dedication to wood windows here at Windows and Doors UK, we understand that some customers prefer to opt for aluminium window frames. Before you take the plunge and opt for aluminium though, consider its downfalls in comparison to hardwood and timber. Read the following guide from Windows and [...]

How wide is a UK internal door? A guide to choosing internal doors for your home.

Are you looking to invest in new internal doors? Undoubtedly, a good quality set of internal doors can vastly improve the value of your home, as well as add further security and energy efficiency to the property. No matter where you live in the UK, internal doors are undoubtedly a feature of your property that […]